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    Recruitment|Spring is blooming, we are waiting for you!

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    Guangzhou Saikonni is a high-tech enterprise that produces medium and high-end intelligent labeling machines and back-end packaging equipment. The company is located in the east of Guangzhou Science City. The plant covers an area of 5,200 square meters. It has ISO9001 quality system certification and CE certification. Production, research and development, sales and service are integrated, providing a full range of intelligent labeling solutions and customized services for the pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical, cosmetics, chemical, electronics, information and tobacco industries.

    Dear you, happy new year!

    When you see this text, maybe we are about to become colleagues.


    You may care

    In the past, there were some questions about recruitment, everyone was more concerned about it, so let's focus on answering them first.

    Q1: Do you pay social security and provident fund?
    A1: Freshmen can pay five social insurances and one housing fund after signing a labor contract after graduation.

    Q2: How are the benefits?
    A2: Our salary belongs to the top of the machinery company, and belongs to the 7th place in the manufacturing company with less than 150 employees.

    Q3: The office location, can I work in a different place?
    A3: The office is located in Huangpu District, Guangzhou. Meals are provided. In order to improve communication efficiency, remote offices are currently not supported.

    Q4: Ability requirements, is it okay for non-majors?

    A4: Meet the job requirements, have a certain foundation or practical experience, non-professionals can also apply.

    Q5: What are the recruitment positions?
    A5: Currently recruited positions include: sales manager, marketing, graphic design, after-sales engineer, electrical engineer, assembly fitter, warehouse manager.

    postsale engineer 

    Comprehensive salary: 6000-9000 yuan

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for providing customers with services such as product installation, commissioning, product demonstration, operation training, etc., to guide customers in the correct operation and use of the product, and to solve common problems during customer use.

    2. Deal with customer feedback in time, count the operation status of equipment, make technical improvements to equipment problems, and summarize feedback back to the company's archive records.

    3. Regular return visits to customers to understand their usage and needs.

    4. Assist production in equipment installation, debugging and technical improvement.

    job requirements:

    1. Technical secondary school or above, one-year work experience or fresh graduates.

    2. Majors related to mechanics, mechatronics, etc.

    3. Experience in repairing after-sales machinery and equipment is preferred.

    Warehouse Manager

    Comprehensive salary: 4000-6000 yuan

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Warehouse layout management: layout planning and adjustment, storage location management.

    2. Goods in and out management: warehouse in and out.

    3. Goods management: complete regular inventory to ensure that the inventory quantity is correct.

    4. Responsible for the daily management of warehousing and logistics, and skillfully use the ERP system.

    job requirements:

    1. Relevant work experience in the machinery and equipment industry is preferred.

    2. Familiar with the warehouse entry and exit operation process, careful, patient, and management experience.

    3. Have a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit, can bear hardships and stand hard work, and can withstand certain work pressures.

    Electrical Engineer
    Comprehensive salary: 6000-12000 yuan

    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for the preparation of professional on-site construction before the project starts, participate in the joint review of engineering drawings and design submissions, and be responsible for the review of electrical professional engineering.
    2. Independently complete the electrical design related to the project and produce electrical design drawings.
    3. Participate in quality inspection and acceptance, and analysis of mechanical engineering quality.
    4. Independently complete PLC programming, debugging, touch screen configuration programming and on-site debugging.

    job requirements:
    1. College degree or above, major in electrical automation and mechatronics.
    2. Have more than 3 years of non-standard automation electrical design experience, and be able to independently write medium and large PLC programs.
    3. Familiar with (Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, Schneider) PLC control, touch screen, inverter, servo programming applications.
    4. Familiar with applications such as fieldbus.
    5. Familiar with writing mainstream industrial robot control programs (ABB, KUKA, FANUC, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Denso).
    6. Familiar with the assembly wiring, control panel layout, wiring and debugging of the control cabinet.
    7. Proficiency in AutoCAD, drawing the electrical schematic diagram and PLC of the control cabinet through software.

    Assembly fitter
    Comprehensive salary: 4000-7000 yuan
    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Assemble and debug non-standard automation equipment or components, tooling fixtures and molds.
    2. Have a certain basic electrical knowledge, be able to connect and simply debug on-site electrical circuits.

    job requirements:
    1. Age 20-45 years old.
    2. Able to read parts drawings, assembly drawings and other technical documents, and independently complete the assembly and debugging of various equipment as required.
    3. More than two years of work experience in assembly fitter, and experience in mechanical assembly and debugging of non-standard automation equipment is preferred.


    graphic design
    Comprehensive salary: 5000-7000 yuan
    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for the design of company prints, such as corporate brochures, company leaflets, exhibition boards and posters.
    2. Responsible for the shooting of the company's products and the post-production, editing and sorting of videos.
    3. Assist all departments to do a good job of graphic design and graphic processing in the company's corporate publicity and marketing support.
    4. Maintain the company's website and official account, be responsible for content construction, copywriting, and completion of content promotion.

    job requirements:
    1. College degree or above, majoring in design.
    2. Proficient in graphic design software such as PS, AI, CDR, ID.
    3. Active thinking, good at thinking, good at communication, and have a good sense of teamwork.

    Comprehensive salary: 4000-8000 yuan
    Job Responsibilities:
    1. According to the resources provided by the company, through the company's phone platform to conduct demand mining and analysis of potential customer groups, the company's product promotion, and promote the success of the transaction.
    2. Update and maintain the B2B enterprise store platform for online promotion.
    3. Support related marketing activities and enhance the influence of the company's brand through various channels.
    job requirements:
    1. Fluent in standard Mandarin, willing to communicate and have strong expression skills.
    2. Quick thinking, good telephone communication skills, relevant work experience is preferred.
    3. Have a high-paying professional and enterprising spirit.

    Assembly electrician
    Comprehensive salary: 4000-7000 yuan
    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Assemble and debug non-standard automation equipment or components, tooling fixtures and molds.
    2. Have a certain basic electrical knowledge, be able to connect and simply debug on-site electrical circuits.

    job requirements:

    1. Age 20-45 years old.
    2. Able to read parts drawings, assembly drawings and other technical documents, and independently complete the assembly and debugging of various equipment as required.
    3. At least one year of electrical assembly experience, and experience in mechanical assembly and debugging of non-standard automation equipment is preferred.
    4. Hold an electrician certificate.

    sales Manager
    Comprehensive salary: 4000-10000 yuan
    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for collecting and communicating information about potential customers, and developing new customers.

    2. Maintain the business of old customers and explore the potential of customers to purchase equipment.

    3. Regularly communicate with cooperative customers to establish a good long-term cooperative relationship.

    job requirements:

    1. Clear speaking, fluent Mandarin, cheerful personality, quick thinking, good adaptability and stress resistance.

    2. Have a high enthusiasm for sales work, diligent and studious.

    3. Have strong learning ability and excellent communication skills.

    4. Have a keen market insight, a strong sense of professionalism, a sense of responsibility and a positive working attitude.

    5. There are no too many requirements for this position, and no need for a high degree of education. What is more important is to have confidence in your products, have confidence in yourself, and believe in yourself!

    Unified welfare

    1. The company purchases five insurances and one housing fund for all employees.
    2. In order to comfort the employees of the company for their hard work in the past year, the employees can enjoy welfare benefits such as year-end double salary and annual bonus.
    3. In order to enrich the entertainment life of corporate employees, the company arranges employees to travel once a year.
    4. Employees are entitled to paid annual leave, etc.

    For more information, please contact:

    13580568628 Mr. He


    Please indicate:

    Application position + name + graduate school + major

    Free consultation

    • Ministry of Foreign Trade: QQ
    • Domestic department: QQ
    • 020-82018301(Domestic sales)
    • 020-82119007(foreign trade)
    • 020-32371990
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