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New Style Eid Mehndi Designs For Full Hands That You Must Try

Hello dear girls, Happy Eid ul Fiar 2017 in advance. Tomorrow is Eid Day. Any festival, any special occasion is incomplete without Henna-Mehndi. Being a girl, the best part of any occasion is to apply Mehndi while sitting with her girls.

New Style Eid Mehndi Designs For Full Hands

I look forward to Eid all year, just so I can rock my favorite Henna designs. If you are not sure which Henna design you would be applying, or the Internet is full of designs and you can not decide which one will apply this Eid. Here are some of my personal favorite henna designs, recommended for everyone. I hope you can easily decide one for Eid day.

This design is very significant using designs that begin with the elbow and that advance to the fingers. The floral designs have spiraled up to the palm as if the bows have been covered.

Simple designs to make the top of your hands look lovely for any season. This special design which makes use of black mehndi displays sympathetic designs with floral and even geometric designs that are used to fill up a large part of the hand.

The style starts from the wrist area as well as the main area is completed up to the catalog and the middle finger. All fingers are embellished with small designs. The index finger is the most finger designed here.

Floral patterns will certainly be used for this design which usually starts through the side of the hands and continues up to the fingertips. Significant floral motifs and even leaf designs have ended here as well as fingertips can be designed with small designs that are made very intricate. The entire design is completed with black mehndi.

Monsoons are occasionally quite boring presently there are plenty of options for mehndi. Some of those design options remain the cool age of mehndi shine. The new technique of mehndi requires the brightness of the tube or even the pure brightness to apply to the design of the mehndi or combined with the same mehndi.

This particular makes a vibrant look. Right here bright blue shine has been used to complete the floral patterns and even green mehndi have been used to fill the leaf designs.